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P52-5-31: Subject — Alleyways

Somehow related to the Architecture/Cityscape, but no need to stick to the architecture only.
For a reference: Weekly challenge #166 - "Alleyways"

(Photos for the Week #31 competition are to be taken between Aug 5, 2013 and Aug 11, 2013.)


Весьма редко, но иногда таки не хватает широкого угла. Выкручиваюсь автоматическим склеиванием панорам в ФШ.

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P52-5-30: Architecture — Cityscape

For this week let's hit the Project52 architecture theme classic — Cityscape.

P52-1-49 Winning entry by Nico
P52-2-2 Winning entry 'the Town of Telc' by Sheela
P52-4-44 Winning entry 'Johannesburg' by Noel

(Photos for the Week #30 competition are to be taken between Jul 29, 2013 and Aug 4, 2013.)


It was a pure coincidence — I didn't intent to take any car shots, but it just happened to gracefully rolled into into the frame and then rolled away.
You may look what I was all after (click me!) — it really lacked foreground.

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P52-5-29: Architecture — Rural/Agricultural

It may not be the direct opposite to the last weeks industrial theme, but otherwise a very capable and challenging theme. I'm quite sure that the whole "rural life/farm life" theme would be selected in some future, but for this week let's dig in architecture.

"Architecture on a farm can vary from decaying derelict shacks, cute creeper-covered farm cottages, to industrial production line barns. You never really know what you’re going to find, so go prepared.
The older buildings tend to have far more character and features to work with and it’s great to try and highlight those to display the buildings age. With the newer industrial looking structures, it may be worth trying to capture a bolder clinical feel with strong compositional shots, especially if there aren’t really any features to work with."
(The Complete Guide to Shooting Farming & Agriculture by Simon Bray)

Photo by Cwwycoff1

Photo by Pro Zac

(Photos for the Week #29 competition are to be taken between Jul 22, 2013 and Jul 28, 2013.)


Здание "местного отдела ветеринарной службы"

"И ещё немного сельских мотивов"

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P52-5-28: Architecture — Industrial

This weeks theme will be 'Industrial Architecture'.

Photographing Industrial Landscapes
P52-2-4 Winning entry by Bramela
P52-4-49 Winning entry by tsakatsaka

(Photos for the Week #28 competition are to be taken between Jul 10, 2013 and Jul 21, 2013.)


И ещё немного

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P52-5-27: Colour — Colourful

This could be the toughest colour challenge so far. What I would like to see: Triadic, Tetradic and Square Color Harmonies, et cetra.

(Photos for the Week #27 competition are to be taken between Jul 1, 2013 and Jul 7, 2013.)

Решил уйти в "Split Complementary Color Harmony".


И можно посмотреть историю поиска и построения кадра, снималось всё одним утром. Из дополнительного оборудования — два старых компакт-диска, закреплённых наскоро на алюминиевых проволоках.
/Обязательно надо будет вернуться к цветовым гармониям. Тем более, осень на носу!/
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P52-5-26: Colour — Complementary Colours

Digging further, now with complementary pairs.

Tips and references:
Complementary color harmony.

(Photos for the Week #26 competition are to be taken between Jun 24, 2013 and Jun 30, 2013.)


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P52-5-25: Colour — Ton-sur-ton/One Colour

For a few next weeks let's dig into colours, with only one colour for a start. Pick your favourite one and let creative juices flow!

Tips and references:
Monochromatic colour harmony.
Ton-sur-ton on Flickr — aside from b&w images. IMHO, it's just not meant for b&w.
P52-3-15 Winning entry by virgilr
P52-4-11 Winning entry by Bramela
P52-4-13 Winning entry by Tamia

(Photos for the Week #25 competition are to be taken between Jun 17, 2013 and Jun 23, 2013.)


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P52-5-24: Lighting — Candlelight

Let's grab some shots of the so elusive candle light.

Tips and references:
15 Tips for Great Candlelight Photography
Quick Tip: Taking Beautiful Candlelight Photos

(Photos for the Week #24 competition are to be taken between Jun 10, 2013 and Jun 16, 2013.)


(via PF.com)

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P52-5-23: Lighting — Night Scene

For this week let's shoot it after dark!

Tips and references:
NightScape Photo Recipe - ymmw, personally I would doubt going the high-ISO way.
P52-1-7 Winning entry by beest
P52-3-21 Winning entry by bbluesman

(Photos for the Week #23 competition are to be taken between Jun 3, 2013 and Jun 9, 2013.)


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P52-5-22: Lighting — Sunrise or Sunset

For this week we will endeavor to capture a sunrise (or sunset for you late risers).

Tips for the sunrise and sunset photography are essentially the same.
Camera Settings for a Sunrise Photo
How to Capture the Perfect Sunset
How to Photograph Sunsets With a Surreal Effect
P52-2-26 Winning entry by Rense

(Photos for the Week #22 competition are to be taken between May 27, 2013 and Jun 2, 2013.)


"И ещё одна, там же, но несколько позже"

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P52-5-21: Subject — Still Life

A timeless classic — still life.

no larger photo available

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P52-5-20: Subject — Motion

A simple subject for the next week.

P52-2-42 Winning entry by beest
P52-1-16 Winning entry by ovim

(Photos for the Week #20 competition are to be taken between May 6, 2013 and May 12, 2013.
Extended up through May 19, 2013.)


(via PF.com)

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P52-5-10 Idea — Love

Небольшое отступление от временного промежутка, ну и некоторое количество фотошопа. В эту неделю снимаю для себя, потому, думаю, позволительно.


Плюс одна из архива

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P52-5-11 Colour — High Key

Can't help but to quote Rense on this one:
The term High Key is often misunderstood. It means that the key tones in the photo - so everything between shadows and highlights - are high, light. The result is a light photo, with only very sparse mid-tones and shadows.

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P52-5-9 Composition/Perspective — Low Angle Shot

/Я выиграл, но не самым лучшим фото из этой серии. Работы оппонентов даже больше мне нравятся, чем своё фото. За что выбрали меня? За что хвалят? И вроде понимаю, что всё в порядке, и фото не дурноственно по ряду причин, и девочка симпатичная же, но странное ощущение обманутости не покидает./

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P52-5-4 Focus – Out Of Focus

The question is: can you make an attractive OOF photo? We are so used to nail the focus, that we sometimes forget that OOF can be a artistic tool to get powerful shots.

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P52-5-3 Subject - Pattern

Frosted window at the sunset

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P52-5-3 Subject - Pattern

Another basic concept here: Pattern (or repetition).

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Есть такое прекрасное международное фото-коммюнити Pentaxforums.com. Там обитают прекрасные, добрые и отзывчивые люди, которые умеют снимать обалденные картинки. (По части клёвых людей, которые общаются на ингрише, у пентаксфорумс есть ещё брат-близнец, коммюнити Rangefinderforum.com: там тусят дальномерщики. Но речь сейчас не о них.)
Так вот, в этой коммунке уже пятый год будет проходить Проект52. Суть такова: в году есть 52 недели. На каждую из этих недель даётся тема, некий концепт, который следует раскрыть одним снимком в течение указанной недели. Марка фотоаппарта не важна, плёнка/цифра — всё едино. И вот в этот юбилейный пятый год ваш слуга вызвался руководить сим чудным проектом. Прежде всего хочу доказать самому себе, что таки: а)могу доводить начатое до победного конца; ну и б) прокачать скиллы фотографии в теории и практике. Здесь, а равно и в других социалочках, будут постится еженедельные темы. Буди у кого возникнет желание, то присоединяйтесь, будет клёво.

И копипаста с форума:
Theme for a Week #1: Film Noir.
Film noir is a cinematic term used primarily to describe stylish Hollywood crime dramas, particularly those that emphasize cynical attitudes and sexual motivations. (from Wikipedia/Film_Noir)

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