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P52-5-29: Architecture — Rural/Agricultural

It may not be the direct opposite to the last weeks industrial theme, but otherwise a very capable and challenging theme. I'm quite sure that the whole "rural life/farm life" theme would be selected in some future, but for this week let's dig in architecture.

"Architecture on a farm can vary from decaying derelict shacks, cute creeper-covered farm cottages, to industrial production line barns. You never really know what you’re going to find, so go prepared.
The older buildings tend to have far more character and features to work with and it’s great to try and highlight those to display the buildings age. With the newer industrial looking structures, it may be worth trying to capture a bolder clinical feel with strong compositional shots, especially if there aren’t really any features to work with."
(The Complete Guide to Shooting Farming & Agriculture by Simon Bray)

Photo by Cwwycoff1

Photo by Pro Zac

(Photos for the Week #29 competition are to be taken between Jul 22, 2013 and Jul 28, 2013.)


Здание "местного отдела ветеринарной службы"

"И ещё немного сельских мотивов"

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P52-5-28: Architecture — Industrial

This weeks theme will be 'Industrial Architecture'.

Photographing Industrial Landscapes
P52-2-4 Winning entry by Bramela
P52-4-49 Winning entry by tsakatsaka

(Photos for the Week #28 competition are to be taken between Jul 10, 2013 and Jul 21, 2013.)


И ещё немного

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None But Air